23 year old trashes BBC documentary despite being an Indian woman


A million status messages supporting the BBC documentary film.  Thousands of anti-government slogans for banning the BBC documentary film. Another million status messages against the German professor who created a perception after seeing the very same documentary film we fought for.

What do we really want? It seems like we just love being part of a “trash everything” movement.  Let’t admit it. We love the attention.  We love the controversy more.

“India’s daughter”, the BBC documentary film, as I see it was made for foreigners.  If I wasn’t from here and I learnt that a women was raped every 20 minutes through the film, I would have been a little scared of Indian men, you know?

This is what I took away from the film:

1. The rapist defended and justified his actions.(especially when the case is still pending in the Supreme Court). Wow. So unnatural.

2. The lawyer appointed…

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